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A new & reimagined Industry Insights like never before!

What is I²?

Industry Insights is a prestigious annual career discovery event organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars (ICMS). Our mission is to provide participants with invaluable opportunities for professional skill development and networking, essential for navigating competitive job market.

This year, it compromises various different activities such as challenges, summits, networking sessions and many more. Join us to find out!



  The chosen theme for this year centres on DIGITALISATION and its integration across various industries in Malaysia. This selection stems from the rising global and national trends observed in both private and public sectors. Consequently, to maintain the relevance of Industry Insights, digitalisation emerges as an essential theme, illustrating the escalating incorporation of technology into our daily lives

  Digitalisation will be integrated through tailored challenges specific to each industry. We will also introduce an integrated grand challenge that encompasses multiple industries, illustrating the interconnectedness of various sectors and profound impact of digital transformation on industry dynamics. Not only that, this year, we will also be having a summit spread across 2 days. This will see insightful topics discussed featuring several industry leaders who play major roles in digitalising Malaysia!



Environmental, Social and Governance Practices (ESG)

Strategic Guidance

Innovating the impossible and strategising for a revolution

Digital Transformation

Breaking boundaries through digital transformation


Induction Day

July 6 (Virtual)

Firm Visits

July 8 – 12 (physical)

Event Day 1

July 13 (physical)

Event Day 2

July 14 (physical)

Onboarding session & Pre-event tasks distribution

  •  9am – Welcome & Introductions
  • 9.15am – What to expect : Firm visits & Event days 
  • 9.35am – Ice breaking activity 
  • 10am – Mini challenge : Sneak peak into Event days
  • 10.45am – Wrap up & Q&A
  • 11am – End of induction day 

Office tour / firm visit specific workshops & Engagement activities 

(Details & Exact dates to be confirmed)

Workshop / sharing session, Industrial challenge & Networking luncheon

  •  8am – Registration & Light breakfast 
  • 8.30am – Opening Speech
  • 9am – Panel discussion 1 + Q&A
  • 10am – Kahoot session
  • 10.15am – Break 
  • 10.45am – Panel discussion 2 + Q&A
  • 11.45am – Networking luncheon + Mission
  • 1pm – Check-in for competition 
  • 1.30pm – Grand Challenge A 
  • 5pm – End of Event Day 1 

Workshop / sharing session, Industrial challenge, Networking luncheon & Grand Finale

  • 8.30am – Registration & Light breakfast
  • 9am – Panel discussion 3 + Q&A
  • 10am – Kahoot session 
  • 10.15am – Break 
  • 10.45am – Analytical skills Workshop 
  • 12pm – Networking luncheon + Mission 
  • 1.30pm – Grand Challenge B 
  • 4.30pm – Closing Speech 
  • 5pm – Prize giving 
  • 5.30pm – End of Event Day 2 

What will you gain from I²?

Key Benefits of Joining

1. Participate in workshops to develop skills relevant to digitalisation and industry trends. 

2. Network with other participants and mentors during networking luncheon, fostering potential collaborations and connections. 

3. Gain valuable insights into career paths, opportunities and industry demands within targeted industries. 

4. Enjoy a more intimate learning environment with a maximum of 150 participants, allowing a more focused interactions and discussions

5. Inspiration & motivation from mentors & participants sharing. 

6. More calm environment without any competitive edge. 

7. Opportunity for self reflection through friendly discussions. 

Key Benefits of Joining
Summit X Challenge

1. Engage in hands-on problem-solving during the industry insight challenge, applying theoretical knowledge gained from summit discussions to real-world scenarios, deepening understanding and skill application. 

2. Obtain access to exclusive resources, tools, and information from the summit which can be used during the challenge. 

3. Benefit from mentorship opportunities provided throughout the challenge and summit, receiving personalised guidance and feedback from experienced professionals. 

4. Received heightened visibility by participating in the challenge , with opportunities for recognition as winners or finalists, elevating credibility and exposure within the industry. 

5. Lay the groundwork for long-term career advancement and success by leveraging the combined experiences gained from participating in both the summit and the challenge, positioning oneself as well-rounded and resourceful professional

6. Holistic professional development combining theoretical learning with practical application. 

7. Improve leadership skills & teamwork through team collaboration. 

Partners & Sponsors

Let's hear from the team!

Deputy Project Director

Chin Ee Rain

Interested in embarking on a journey through the realms of fintech, tech consulting, energy and more? Join us in shaping tomorrow’s landscape by diving into the worlds of digitalisation, innovation, and sustainability. Together, let’s unlock potential and explore the myriad opportunities across diverse industries. Don’t miss out on this transformative experience!

Project Director

Aiman Noor Nazri

Dive into the digital revolution with Industry Insights 2024! Embark on a journey through the currents of digitalisation shaping corporate and public sectors worldwide. Join us for a career-focused journey where you’ll connect with leading professionals, conquer gamified challenges, refine your skills through upskilling workshops. Industry Insights 2024 is your gateway to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and industry trends. Dream big, connect with visionaries, and be the driving force behind your dream career. Let’s embrace digitalisation in an era of innovation. Unleash your potential with Industry Insights! 


Deputy Project Director

Edelynn Ooi Bea Ee

Regardless of your background, if you’re driven to excel in the digital age, Industry Insights is your ideal launchpad! Industry Insights is tailored for undergraduates and recent graduates aiming to delve into the diverse sectors of industry through a singular, innovative platform. With digitalisation at the heart of our mission, participants will have the opportunity to navigate through career paths alongside leading experts, absorb critical insights, and engage in gamified challenges aimed to refine their digital competencies. We invite you to join our expanding family and partake in shaping the future of digital innovation with Industry Insights 2024!