I2 2022

Industrial Metamorphosis


Examining how the future of various industries are sculpted by the trends of post Covid-19 pandemic

Number of Participants


Partners & Sponsors

Maybank, Axiata, Shell, Sunway

Let's hear from the winners

Choo Yan Yin
Champion of Industry Insights 2022

Challenging yet Fulfilling

“My favourite part of the event would have to be the structure of random allocation in a team. This allowed me to get out of familiarity and work together with people from different educational background. In a way, I believe this resonates the working culture that we will experience. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Give it a try and I believe you will enjoy the initiative as much as I did.” 

Adrain Chong Kai Yen
First runner up of Industry Insights 2022

An empowering journey at Industry Insights 

“As the name goes, Industry Insights allowed me to gain first-hand knowledge about where its participating companies are currently positioned in their respective industries, allowing access for young and curious graduates like myself to pace myself to be relevant with such companies, Nonetheless, it also became a platform where I learned various soft skills such as working in a team with complete strangers from different backgrounds and personalities.”