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Our Motto: Building Networks, Empowering Leaders, Realising Ideas

The International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) is an international student organisation that manages a global network of aspirational Malaysians, passionate about leadership, intellectual and career development, internally and externally.

We are comprised of Malaysian students from six different countries: United Kingdom, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America and Canada. In accordance with our motto “Building Networks, Empowering Leaders, Realising Ideas”, ICMS brings together talented, passionate and motivated Malaysians and providing them a platform to develop themselves and others around them in areas related to leadership, intellect and career. ICMS also empowers our Associates to organise events and to use the network of talent and resources to bring new ideas into fruition.

Our extensive global network – made up of Associates that carry out their roles with commitment, tenacity, and hustle – together with our relationships with industry-leading Malaysian firms, are the competitive advantages that have led us to be the vanguard Malaysian based international student body today.

We are supported by our existing sponsors and partners for three main reasons:

●  Our Cause: Linking motivated, driven and passionate Malaysians.
●  Recruitment: Tapping into the network of talents to recruit for their companies.
●  Branding: To be associated with a global and ambitious student body.

To learn more, do visit us at icmscholars.org.