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“ A year ago, I was once in your shoes, having a dilemma of whether I should be signing up for Industry Insights. Well, after going through I2, I can assure you that it was one of the best decisions that I have made. At I2, it was where you get to meet the representatives from the top leading industries and let your ideas be heard. As they say that the people you meet and the chances you take defines you, join I2 to foster relationships with like minded individuals that would last beyond I2. Despite what background you’re from, as long as you’re willing to grow and take up the challenge, I2 is for you. Take this step and we will do the rest, see you at I2! “

Ashley Lee Wai Yan 

MPharm (Hons) Master of Pharmacy

University of Nottingham 

“ The greatest part about I2 is the people. As a participant in I2 last year, I’ve managed to meet many impressive individuals from various fields whom I still keep in touch with today. Some even became my colleagues during my ICMS tenure, making my work more meaningful and enjoyable. On top of the community that you get to meet, I2’s creative take on case studies made the experience more enjoyable than expected. Rather than just the conventional 20 min prep-time followed by the presentation format that most case studies follow, we participated in floor-wide debates, press conference simulations and real life board games. I2 last year had successfully presented various dynamics within partnering firms’ industries in a way that was stressful yet fulfilling. “

Chin Yu Kuan 

BSc Accounting and Finance

London School of Economics 

“ My personal experience as a participant in I2 was truly an enjoyable one. Besides meeting like-minded people, the event also helped me to broaden my horizon pertaining to the different career opportunities out there. Apart from that, I2 has also provided me a platform to apply my leadership and communication skills. The most important takeaway from this event was that creating a team’s synergy is much more important than anything else. It was after this event that I realised in order to achieve the seemingly impossible, a great team will make the journey less arduous and more enjoyable. “

Ng Dan Way

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Finance

SP Jain School of Global Management – Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore & Sydney

“ Industry Insights was indeed an eye-opener for me to get to learn about different industries. Through the different challenges and workshops, I was impressed by how my team of different disciplines and backgrounds have come together to solve the case studies. The interdisciplinary perspective of discussions enlightened me throughout the two days event and enhanced my critical thinking ability. Although meeting talented people studying across the world made me feel dwarfed, listening to their inspiring stories and feedback from the business professionals inspired me at the same time. I participated in I2 alone but came out with friendships. After all, the learning process in I2 was intense, yet challenging and fulfilling. ”


Ding Ai Wei

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology

The University of Hong Kong