1. Details


1.1 – The Industry Insights 2019 (I²) is organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS).

1.2 – Industry Insights 2019 is a two-day event involving a number of participating firms from various industries.

1.3 – The event will be carried out on 27th and 28th July at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. 

2. Eligibility


2.1 – Industry Insights 2019 (I²) is open to anyone who

  • Is currently pursuing a degree (or equivalent) in a local university or overseas;
  • Is currently pursuing a pre-U course either in a local university or overseas;
  • Is a fresh graduate of not more than 6 months.

3. Application process


3.1 – Applicants must apply as directed on the Industry Insights 2019 website.

3.2 – The application process will comprise of a CV submission and an application essay.

3.3 – The top 80 applicants will be selected to participate in I². The selection will be carried out by the I² Committee.

3.4 – Selection will be carried out based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of CV
  • Display of career aspiration and interest in personal development assessed through the the application essay
  • Meets all eligibility criteria

3.5 – The I² committee reserves the right to make minor adjustments to  the selection criteria to ensure diversity among participants.

3.6 – The I² organising committee may use the video essay submitted, if any, for marketing purposes.

4. Grouping and Point Accumulation System


4.1 – Participants will be separated into groups of 8.

4.2 – Each team will be assessed through a point system during .

4.3 – Our point system will include, but is not limited to, the following aspects:

  • Attendance of each team member on both days of I²;
  • Content of the deliverables;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Team work.

4.4 – The team’s total points will the accumulation of points from both days of .

4.5 – The teams with the highest accumulated points at the end of the two days will be eligible to be in the running for the prizes.

5. Winners and Awards


5.1 – Prizes will be awarded to teams in the first place and second place as well as the best speaker from each room.

5.2 – Internships, placements or boot camps are strictly reserved for outstanding participants. The selection is not administered by the I² Committee, but solely based on the observation and discretion of the relevant companies.

5.3 – An office tour or a boot camp are both subjected to the availability of the companies.

5.4 – The decision made by the judges will be final and non-appealable.

6. Rules and Regulation


6.1 – The organising committee reserves the right to change the time, date and/or venue and format of the event, in whole or in part, without liability to participants.

6.2 – Participants agree to abide by the rules, instructions and regulations displayed from time to time by the organising committee.

6.3 – All selected participants will be attending all sessions.

6.4 – Participants will receive a preparatory info pack comprising of a brief overview of each industry.

6.5 – All participants are obliged to attend all the explicit arrangements that have been done by the organising committee including the networking sessions.

6.6 – Participants will actively get involved in the sessions as well as the side activity that is incorporated into the networking sessions.

6.7 – The organising committee reserves the exclusive right throughout the event to interview and/or photograph and/or film participants at the event and to the unlimited use in all current and future media of any means of identification of participants.

7. Attendance and Withdrawal Policy


7.1 – Shortlisted applicants must be available to attend both days of the event and will be required to participate fully in all tasks assigned to them during the event.

7.2 – Withdrawal of participation is strictly prohibited, save for medical or other legitimate reasons subject to the approval of the I² organising committee.

7.3 – In the event where participation has to be withdrawn due to medical reasons or other legitimate reasons approved by the I² committee, the applicant shall give notice at least a week prior to the date of the event and provide supporting documentations to the I² committee.

7.4 – As mentioned above, the attendance of each team member will contribute to the overall team points.

7.5 – In the event that a team member is unable to make it on the second day of the event, marks related to his/her attendance will not be given to the affected team.

8. Data Protection

8.1 – The following details and documents will be collected from the applicants:

  • Personal information: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Name of College/University, Programme of Study, Year of Study;
  • Applicant’s latest curriculum vitae (CV);
  • Emergency Contact information: Name of Emergency Contact, Phone Number of Emergency Contact, Relationship of Applicant with Emergency Contact.

8.2 – All the data collected will be stored in a restricted Google Drive account which will only be accessible by authorised personnel.

8.3 – The I² organising committee collects and uses the personal information provided by the applicants during the application process for the purpose of administering the event.

8.4 – The I² organising committee collects and uses the curricular vitae (CV) for the purpose of facilitating the shortlisting process.

8.5 – The I² organising committee collects and uses the emergency contact information for the purpose of communicating with the emergency responder provided in the event of an emergency situation. The emergency contact information shall not be disclosed to third parties without the personal consent of the applicant.

8.6 – The I² organising committee may share the applicant’s personal information and CV to participating companies of I².

9. Miscellaneous


9.1 – By submitting an application, the applicant hereby confirms that all information that he/she submits is accurate, current and complete.

9.2 – Should there be any issues raised that the information submitted by the applicant is false, misleading and contrary to fact, the application will be rejected with immediate effect.

9.3 – The date and agenda of the event is subject to changes by the I² organising committee.

9.4 – The I² organising committee may vary or add to the terms and conditions of I².