Since 2013, Industry Insights (I²) has been bridging key personnel from reputable companies of various industries and ambitious, career-motivated students.

I² aims to provide participants with insights on various industries in Malaysia. Leading firms from different industries will conduct workshops revolving around a common theme, through which participants will gain valuable self-development opportunities.

is also a platform for participants to showcase their critical thinking and presentation skills. Each workshop may be followed by a presentation or case study challenge, creating the perfect occasion for participants to put up their best performance in front of the leading firms’ representatives and talent leaders. This is also a unique opportunity for firms to scout for potential employees.

I² delivers value to both the participating firms and the participants. Participating firms have an opportunity to engage and interact with Malaysia’s brightest pool of talents, while participants can grasp a clearer image of the diverse pool of industries in Malaysia.


To provide participants the opportunities to network with leading firms in Malaysia and serve as a platform for them to improve their professional skills such as communication and leadership.


  • To provide a networking platform for participants to interact with representatives of companies from a diverse range of industries
  • To equip participants with key skills, qualities and attributes that are highly desired by today’s globalised industries
  • To offer participants valuable insights on career opportunities available in various industries
  • To educate participants on the new strategies required by firms and individuals alike to thrive in the modern world

“Society 5.0”

How do we become a forward-looking society that breaks down the existing sense of stagnation, a society whose members have mutual respect, transcending the generations, and a society in which everyone can lead an active and enjoyable life?

Is it possible for us to shape a society that can both promote economic development and technological advancement that curates solutions to social problems?

In Industry Insights 2019, we aim to nurture new values through various workshops that will better prepare participants as advocates of Society 5.0 with three key focus areas; Technology, Human Centered Environment and Empowerment. Based on each participating firm’s expertise, firms can choose to explore more than one focus area or concentrate solely on one focus area during their session.


This focus area emphasises technology as the driving force of innovation and progress in today’s world, as well as a tool used in several industries in an effort to yield the best outcomes. For instance, this area aims to dive deeper into the various ways in which individuals at home and at work can utilise and benefit from technology when solving common daily challenges such as inconvenience.

How can firms and individuals match in terms of needs and wants to stay relevant in today’s technological era? How can individuals and firms tackle new obstacles while benefiting from the new opportunities? These questions will be the main emphasis of this focus area.

Human Centered Environment

This focus area explores the possibility of developing a human-centered environment which promotes human trust and a sense of worth. As much as technology is being used as an enabler, humans remain as a central regulator. With that said, Society 5.0’s main goal is to establish positive welfare among the community to meet present and future economic goals, concurrently safeguarding people’s positive vitality and mindset to better solve social problems and leveraging on technology to become a smart society.

In short, the introduction of this new culture aims to better serve and enhance the quality of people’s daily lives by attending to details.


Empowerment is known to be one of the necessary components when it comes to the future development of society. It provides autonomy and self-determination to individuals and communities, and enables one to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way.

This year, we are interested in how our society resolves a crisis as well as the provision of equal opportunities in the diverse society that we live in today, striving to overcome issues of racism and alienation. Therefore, aside from adapting to technology, we also hope to empower society to be more flexible and astute when facing new challenges and to enhance  judgement when reacting to crisis management.