Overview of Industry Insights

Since 2013, Industry Insights (I²) has been an annual flagship event for ICMS. I² is a 2-day event that welcomes students from all educational levels, starting from pre-university. The main aim for I² is to bridge key personnels from reputable companies of various industries in Malaysia with ambitious and career-motivated students, from institutions both local and abroad.

I² aims to gather knowledgeable industrial experts to share their experiences from various industries with participants. This exciting platform provides students with a greater understanding of professionals and industries beyond their current educational courses. I² plans to provide the opportunity for students to engage in workshops that challenge one’s critical thinking and presentation capabilities. This will be conducted through various forms of activities such as case studies, debates and presentations, creating the perfect occasion for participants to exhibit their best to the leading firms’ representatives and talent leaders, providing a unique chance for firms to scout potential employees.

I² delivers values to both participating firms and the participants. Participating firms are able to engage and interact with Malaysia’s brightest pool of talents, while the participants will obtain a clearer image of the diverse industries in Malaysia.



To provide a platform for participants to expose and explore different industries.


●  To provide a networking platform for participants to interact with representatives of companies from a diverse range of industries.

●  To equip participants with key skills, qualities and attributes that are highly sought after by today’s globalised industries.

●  To offer participants valuable insights on career opportunities available in various industries.

●  To expose participants to the new perspectives of how the society is shifting and for them to understand the importance of being agile and adaptive to stay ahead in the game.

    “Redefining Expectations”

    The theme of Redefining Expectations focuses on changing our current perspective of society and the way it functions. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been rapid transformations within the society, particularly within the world of careers and the provision of services. This is highlighted by the changing work culture and its shifting attitude to working from home. Additionally, it brings into sharp focus how fluid societal expectations are and how vulnerable they are to change. Redefining Expectations captures this image and acts as a reminder of the importance of flexibility and embracing changes.

    The volatile and unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 outbreak has prompted questions on the sustainability of these changes and the feasibility of incorporating these changes in a post coronavirus society. It illustrates the artificiality of many practices previously deem irreplaceable and creates the opportunity for positive change. Redefining Expectations encompasses these concerns, questioning previous practices and considering the alternatives adopted during this period. Moreover, the theme aims to highlight the place of these alternatives in the ‘ordinary’ society as well as tracking the incorporation of the positive practices created during this time of crisis in a post-COVID society.

    Prospective Adaptation

    This subtheme aims to highlight the importance of flexibility and adaptability, particularly when facing external changes and foreign crisis. With our focus on COVID-19, we hope to illustrate the importance of resilience and reinvention in avoiding long-lasting damage which is capable of crippling even well-established companies. Furthermore, this subtheme strives to emphasise the importance of changing with society and developing in the presence of external pressure. With that, we also hope to tie in the idea of how optimising efficiency contributes to the current situation and how it can be brought forward to the future. We aim to explore and reiterate the importance of these characteristics through our subtopics and focus areas. 

    Community Wellbeing

    Community wellbeing focuses on the welfare of the aggregate society. Utilising a holistic, community based perspective, we hope to examine the topics of inequality and sustainability. With the ongoing crisis, the social and class disparity has become more apparent, with the underprivileged struggling to make ends meet. We hope to highlight these issues and raise awareness for this growing gulf. In addition to our subthemes of sustainability and social inclusion, we hope to focus on the issue of the digital divide, an increasingly relevant issue considering our rapid move towards technology. 

    Technological Transformation

    With the implementation of social distancing and work-from-home arrangements, there has been increasing use of technology and demand for virtual alternatives. Whilst there have been releases of applications geared towards the current crisis, there are also extensive modifications towards existing technology to assist companies to maintain their businesses. This subtheme strives to explore these changes, following both its short-term and long-term impacts.Empowerment is known to be one of the necessary components when it comes to the future development of society. It provides autonomy and self-determination to individuals and communities, and enables one to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way.