Since 2013, Industry Insights (I²) has been bridging key personnel from reputable companies of various industries and ambitious, career-motivated students.

I² aims to provide participants with insights on various industries in Malaysia. Leading firms from different industries will conduct workshops revolving around a common theme, through which participants will gain valuable self-development opportunities.

is also a platform for participants to showcase their critical thinking and presentation skills. Each workshop may be followed by a presentation or case study challenge, creating the perfect occasion for participants to put up their best performance in front of the leading firms’ representatives and talent leaders. This is also a unique opportunity for firms to scout for potential employees.

I² delivers value to both the participating firms and the participants. Participating firms have an opportunity to engage and interact with Malaysia’s brightest pool of talents, while participants can grasp a clearer image of the diverse pool of industries in Malaysia.


To provide participants the opportunities to network with leading firms in Malaysia and serve as a platform for them to improve their professional skills such as communication and leadership.


  • To provide a networking platform for participants to interact with representatives of companies from a diverse range of industries
  • To equip participants with key skills, qualities and attributes that are highly desired by today’s globalised industries
  • To offer participants valuable insights on career opportunities available in various industries
  • To educate participants on the new strategies required by firms and individuals alike to thrive in the modern world

“Thriving in an Evolving World”

How can we thrive in our respective industries? How do we stay ahead of the curve? With all the constant development of new technologies, what industry-specific challenges lie ahead? Industry Insights 2018 aims to address these issues with three key focus areas: “sustainability”, “competency” and “youth empowerment”. Based on each participating firm’s expertise, firms can choose to touch on all focus areas, or concentrate solely on one focus area, during their session.



Unlike the conventional definition of environmental sustainability which involves the usage of “green technology” to reduce pollution, I² 2018 chooses to define sustainability from an all-encompassing business standpoint.  

We seek to address issues essential to the modern way of life, from the various survival strategies employed by firms to potential solutions for challenges that may arise across multiple industries. This multifaceted definition of sustainability also allows for various other interpretations, such as environmental, social or economic sustainability.



This focus area will emphasise the various ways in which both firms and individuals can thrive – instead of merely surviving – in the 21st century. While firms today are facing a variety of challenges, from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution to the rise of automated systems, individuals are also facing a dilemma – that their jobs may be made redundant as technology progresses at an ever-increasing rate.

How can firms and individuals stay relevant in the modern world? How can they benefit from the new opportunities arising from technological advancement and rapidly changing business practices? These questions will be the main emphasis of this focus area.


Youth Empowerment

Moving forward into a more sustainable world also includes the creation of a chain of empowerment. Both firms and individuals play an important and unique role in the empowerment of youths, allowing them to reach their full potential as future leaders of the modern world.

This focus area aims to help participants understand their future roles in firms of their favoured industry, and the new skills and knowledge they should develop to better add value to the industries they choose to contribute in. Firms will also touch on how developments in the modern world will affect the roles human capital play within the firm. We aspire to prepare participants by educating them on what defines an ideal employee, from a firm’s perspective.